• Groasis selects Footprint’s plant-based fiber for its innovative Growboxx®
  • Arid, fire-ravaged land now ripe for new trees with up to 90% less water

GILBERT, AZ and STEENBERGEN, the Netherlands 4/21/2022 – Footprint, a global materials science technology company focused on creating a healthy planet, today announced that it has been selected by Groasis to manufacture its fourth-generation Growboxx®, an innovative plant cocoon that allows root systems to establish even in the most arid, salted, sandy or rocky terrain while using up to 90% less water than traditional drip irrigation. Groasis and Footprint will start manufacturing Growboxxes® for both commercial and consumer uses later this year.

This announcement follows the recent news that Footprint plans to be publicly listed through a business combination with Gores Holdings VIII, Inc. (Nasdaq: GIIXU, GIIX and GIIXW).

In choosing Footprint, Groasis has found a partner that can provide a combination of plant-based material that holds water without breaking down during the critical root establishment period, and will eventually biodegrade and become part of the earth.

“The secret of mother nature’s success is a strong primary root system which is really difficult in places where the soil isn’t rich and there’s not sufficient, regular rainfall. Earth Day is the perfect time to announce our partnership with Footprint and to discuss our shared mission to create a heathier planet,” said Wout Hoff, Groasis CEO. “By using Growboxxes® produced by Footprint, customers are reducing the need for heavy watering during the critical early phases of planting, and allowing nature to thrive in even the most difficult climates and circumstances before returning the plant-based container back to the soil.”

Holland-based Groasis was founded by Hoff’s father, a lily bulb breeder who had an epiphany about creating a more water-efficient way to plant, especially in areas impacted by deforestation and erosion. An evolution of Groasis’s original Waterboxx® plant cocoon – a reusable, plastic-based product which was developed over ten years ago – the Growboxx®, is fully biodegradable. Footprint’s engineers have been laser focused on finding the right formula balance that maintains Growboxx’s®, ability to hold water for as long as the root system needs, before degrading into the earth.

“Groasis is the kind of innovator we love to work with as both companies are committed to finding ways to tackle some of the hardest challenges our planet is facing,” said Footprint co-founder and CEO Troy Swope. “With the innovative Growboxx®, we can imagine large swaths of previously arid land where water is scarce and expensive, becoming forested and lush using our combined technologies.”

“Groasis is excited to partner with Footprint, as the team has the knowledge and grit to get the production of our Growboxx® right, and has manufacturing facilities close to two of our key markets: the Southwest United States and Mexico,” said Groasis CEO, Wout Hoff. “Wildfires have devastated ecosystems in California and the Southwest United States, and large parts of the country are facing extreme drought. The Growboxx® will make it easier for forests to be restored here again.”